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Effective Essay Writing Strategies for Students in UAE

August 2023
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Common Mistakes to Avoid in Essay Writing: Tips for UAE Students

August 2023
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  • Monday, August 14, 2023

Effective Essay Writing Strategies for Students in UAE

Essay writing is a crucial skill for students in the UAE as it provides opportunities to develop critical thinking, improve analytical abilities and enhance communication. However, at times students feel overwhelmed when an essay or any other writing task is assigned to them by their tutors. The idea of writing an essay gives cold feet to a few students. Generally, students struggle with topic understanding, essay structuring, expression and argument development and factual validity. Hence, even after burning a candle at both ends, they failed to meet the expectations of their professors.

In this blog, you will explore the best effective essay writing strategies that you can apply to ace your academic journey. The primary focus of this blog is to assist students in the UAE in crafting organised, compelling and coherent essays. 

10 effective strategies to master the art of essay writing

           Unleash your potential for essay writing with the following 10 effective strategies. Remember, even the most technical topics can be conquered with finesse and confidence.  

Choose a topic: Establish an authentic base

           Many a time, professors assigned a topic; whereas, a few times it is up to the students to write an essay on their chosen topic. In such a situation, the students have to do a little more research. It is advisable to select the topic that you find interesting. Furthermore, when choosing a topic, make sure to consider your purpose in writing an essay. If you cannot decide between two topics, it is suitable to make a list of points that can be used to support your narrative in the essay. As a result, you will be able to select the topic that you find easier to support.

Understand the main idea: Decode the essay prompt

           You cannot start writing an essay without unlocking the powers of words mentioned in the prompt or question. Reading and comprehending the prompt thoroughly help you identify the main idea, objectives and requirements of the assignment. Therefore, it is essential to take adequate time to analyse the keywords and important terminologies in the given prompt. It is beneficial to underline or highlight important information when reading the prompt. In this way, you will stay focused and effortlessly address all the specifications in your essay

Research your topic: Fuel your analysis with the right information

           A well-informed and comprehensive essay can only be produced by conducting extensive research. It is necessary to gather relevant information and valid facts to strengthen your stance when writing an essay. You can widen your research by utilising multiple academic sources such as scholarly articles, journals, books and authentic websites. Researching your topic will enhance your argumentative skills. It will inculcate you with fresh knowledge to improve the credibility of your writing. Additionally, when conducting research, make sure to take notes and properly cite sources to avoid plagiarism.

Create an outline: Structure for success

           For developing an effective essay, both prudent planning and proper structure are the keys. It is integral to prepare a well-structured outline before you begin writing. The outline gives you a roadmap which helps maintain a logical flow of information. Furthermore, it ensures that all the significant points are covered in a proper sequence. Students are advised to divide their essay into three main segments: Introduction, Body and Conclusion. Appropriate word spaces for each section must be allocated when designing an outline.

Improve grammar, spelling and punctuation skills: Navigate the maze of language

           To unleash academic excellence, you are required to pay attention to grammar, spelling and punctuation skills. These skills can make or break your essay; therefore, put more emphasis on using appropriate vocabulary, expression and sentence structuring. You can improve these skills by reading basic foundation books.

Make a strong thesis: Hook your reader

           A thesis statement serves as the backbone of your essay; therefore, the stronger it is, the stronger your essay will be. It hooks your reader by providing a complete, concise summary of your main argument or the position of your topic A strong thesis statement guides your writing, as well as, aids readers understand the direction of an essay. Thus, writing a thesis statement, it is essential to provide specific, debatable and supported evidence.

Use active voice: The Secret of Coherence

           If you want to make your academic writing effective, then stop using passive voice. Active voice is a more engaging way to instil the exact idea of an essay into the reader. It is easier to comprehend, as well as, gives accurate sound to the sentence. Moreover, people naturally speak in an active voice in day-to-day life; thus, readers are less familiar with passive voice.

Use simple sentences: Leave a lasting impression

           You can improve the credibility of your essay by making it more readable. A complicated sentence may addle your arguments and shows your inability to convey your message in a simple format. Additionally, complex sentences make it difficult to break an expression logically, let alone increase the risk of grammatical errors. Therefore, it is advisable to use simple sentences when writing an essay. Many famous writers, like Fitzgerald and Hemingway, have left a lasting impression by using simple sentence structuring. 

Write a strong conclusion: The last information map

           The reader's opinion about the credibility of your essay can be improved by constructing a strong conclusion. An effective essay is supposed to be strong from the start to the end. A strong conclusion discloses your introduction, proves your thesis and highlights brief points of our essay. It represents the end of your essay journey; hence, you must be very careful when constructing a conclusion. It is appropriate to read the entire essay before writing a conclusion. In this way, you will understand your essay's roadmap and give your readers an impactful farewell.

Proofread and editing: The art of revision

           Never underestimate the power of proofreading and editing. After completing the essay, you must take a break and return with fresh eyes. Review your draft with a fine-tooth comb to enhance the overall effectiveness, coherence and clarity of your paper. Look for grammatical mistakes, awkward sentences or inconsistent phrasing. You can get additional suggestions for improvement by using language software such as Grammarly.

Miscellaneous practices

           Along with the above-mentioned effective essay-writing techniques, you are suggested to follow a few miscellaneous practices to develop unmatchable essay-writing skills.

Develop reading habit

           The more you read, the more your writing style will improve; therefore, UAE students are suggested to develop reading habits. By reading authentic books, newspapers and articles you will be able to gain additional perspectives. You get the idea of how professionals craft their essays and demonstrate their written stances. Furthermore, reading will expand your knowledge of different disciples.

Practice essay writing

           Practice makes perfect is a well-known idiom that you must focus on. Practice essay writing regularly to feel more confident in your writing skills,. Take feedback from your supervisor to improve your flaws.


           In short, students in UAE can unlock their essay writing potential by mastering the aforementioned effective strategies and miscellaneous practices. You must exercise them all with the dedication to producing a competent, compelling, valid and authentic paper. Practice it daily and watch your academic excellence soar to new heights.