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We allow students to meet with a dedicated team of professional writers. Each writer at our company holds relevant certifications and qualifications in their respective fields. Therefore, we effortlessly enable our clients to stay updated with the latest evolutions. We pride ourselves on the certifications and qualifications of our team members:

Certified Academic Writers

We have hired writers who have earned authentic certifications in academic writing, essay writing and research methodologies. These certifications validate their aptitude for drafting well-structured, academically sound and reliable papers.

Subject Matter Experts

Students in the UAE are expected to submit a compelling academic paper to excel in their academic journey. Therefore, we have established a writing team that includes subject matter experts. They have earned advanced degrees from reputable institutions and actively contributed to research community. With the help of their specialized knowledge our clients get their hands on an in-depth analysis and comprehensively design academic paper.

Language Proficiency Certifications

A majority of academic writing is written in English language; therefore, if you are not a native English speaker, you may experience several complexities. Our team members have undertaken language proficiency tests and have earned credible certifications. We have exceptional command over English language. Our team adheres to correct academic writing styles, grammar, format and guidelines.

Specialized Training Programs

We focus on continuous improvement to allow clients to credibly exceed the expectations of their tutors. We provide our team with training and development opportunities. Our primary focus is to enhance their skills and keep them updated about the latest trends in academic writing. Our specialized training programs are designed to refine writing techniques and understanding of our team. Some of the specialized training programs that our team has completed are delineated below:

Research methodologies and data analysis

Research methodologies and data analysis training programs inculcated our team with the skills to properly handle valid and accurate information.

Citations styles and formatting

We have provided our team members with training related to citation styles and formatting. They can effortlessly work with APA, MLA, Chicago, OSLO and Harvard citation styles and formats to mention only a few.

Academic writing best practices

We continuously invest in professional development programs to instill in our writers with best practices of academic writing. Our writers work with effective writing strategies to properly structure arguments, persuasively organize information and coherently present ideas.