The Impact of cultural influences on essay writing in the UAE

Essay writing is an art that UAE students are encouraged to develop within their academic settings. The UAE has a diverse landscape where cultural influences play an integral role in academics. Notably, cultural forces shape the way students express themselves while writing an essay. Understanding the impacts of major cultural factors on writing styles, content creation, and perspectives is significant to better resonates with the UAE educational institutes. This article hunts through cultural nuances to delve into their influences on essay writing in the UAE. Furthermore, it delineates the methods students can practice to craft a compelling essay.

Research and References: Best practices for academic essays in UAE universities

UAE University essays differ from UAE school essays as the former are less concerned with what a student knows and more concerned with how the student constructs his argument. One of the biggest secrets to writing a compelling essay in UAE universities is to be prepared by conducting extensive research and be ethical by referencing the original contributor. When it comes to academic essays in UAE universities, students are expected to follow best practices to produce high-quality work. While specific guidelines vary from institution to institution, the broader prospects for research and references remain the same. This article provides valuable insights into the recommended approaches for crafting academic essays in UAE universities. But before delving into recommended approaches, it is essential to know the significance of research and references, along with the attached challenges.

Developing a strong thesis statement: An essential element of successful essays in the UAE

For every academic essay you write, you must emphasise a central idea which stems from your chosen topic. Academic essay writing is not just about discussing a topic without any narrative. It will help if you have a specific opinion, perspective, stance or question that represents your position in the essay. All these components are amalgamated into a thesis statement. It is the main idea upon which you conduct an investigation and write an essay. It includes the series of WH questions that you ask yourself, such as "What do I think about it?", "What do I have to say?", "How my belief consider it?" In this article, we take you through what you require to do in order to develop a strong thesis statement.